Shane Pakium

I would like to take this moment to show my appreciation for this wonderful, amazing and special lady Tracey Garvey.

Her endeavour, hard work, dedication, motivation and the way she looks after her clients are second to none. Tracey has been working on my case day and night and what she has shown is a compassion and understanding to every situation I presented to her. She never gave up and always had my best interest at heart.

Not enough plaudits can express my gratitude for what she has done. She has fought my corner and stuck with me all the way.

She is a one in a million person to have and any client or person would be very lucky to have Tracey work with them or be in the presence of her because in my eyes she is the very best in the business.

Tracey will always forever have a huge impact on my life and for the better, without her I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.

So from the bottom of my heart I am very grateful and I wish you a very happy life because you deserve the very best.

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